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Sound Forge

Course Overview :

Welcome to the world of audio production and editing with Sound Forge – the industry-standard audio editing software. Our course overview is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of audio editing, restoration, and mastering with Sound Forge. Whether you are a seasoned audio professional or a beginner, our course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to take your audio production to the next level. With our experienced instructors, you will learn how to edit audio files, create seamless loops, use audio effects and plugins, and apply noise reduction techniques. You will also learn how to use Sound Forge to record and edit audio for podcasts, videos, and multimedia projects. Join us for a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience with Sound Forge.

Course Objectives :

  1. Students will learn the basics of sound editing and manipulation, including importing and exporting audio, applying effects, and basic mixing.
  2. The course covers different recording techniques, microphone placement, and optimal settings for recording.
  3. Students will learn techniques for restoring and repairing damaged or noisy audio, including noise reduction, hum removal, and click/pop reduction.
  4. The course covers advanced mastering techniques, such as EQ, compression, and limiting, to help students produce polished, professional-quality audio.
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  6. Students will learn to work with multiple tracks, including aligning, grouping, and editing tracks together.
  7. The course will cover advanced audio processing techniques, including pitch shifting, time stretching, and reverse effects.

Curriculum :

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Delivery Method:

At Avish, we offer an interactive and hands-on learning experience for the Sound Forge course. With experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, you will learn the fundamentals of audio editing, restoration, and mastering with the industry-standard software. 

Our course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to take your audio production to the next level. Join us for a comprehensive learning experience in a supportive environment.


1 month

Learning Outcome 

Here are some learning outcomes that can be expected from the Sound Forge course at our campus:

  1. Understanding of the fundamental concepts of audio editing, restoration, and mastering with Sound Forge
  2. Proficiency in using various audio editing tools and techniques such as creating seamless loops, applying audio effects and plugins, and noise reduction
  3. Knowledge of recording and editing audio for different projects such as podcasts, videos, and multimedia presentations
  4. Ability to work with various audio file formats and deliver high-quality audio output
  5. Developing advanced editing skills such as audio repair, spectral cleaning, and advanced mastering
  6. Exposure to industry-standard workflows and best practices in audio production and editing.

Career Opportunities:

After completing the Sound Forge course, there are various career opportunities available in the audio production industry, including:

  1. Audio Engineer
  2. Music Producer
  3. Sound Designer
  4. Podcast Producer
  5. Audio Editor
  6. Sound Effects Editor
  7. Audio Restoration Specialist
  8. Multimedia Developer
  9. Game Audio Developer
  10. Film or TV Post-Production Sound Editor

These careers require a strong understanding of audio production, editing, and mastering techniques, which are covered in the Sound Forge course.

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Placement Offered

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