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Bachelor of Animation & Visual Effects

Course Overview :

Bachelor in Animation and Visual Effects  is a three-year undergraduate degree course that mainly focuses fundamentals of Animation, 2D and 3D animation, visual storytelling, industry-standard software tools and techniques used in animation production, sound design and music for animation, motion graphics, digital art, visual art, and many more such topics. 

Any 12th Pass candidate may apply for a Bachelor of Animation & Visual Effects Course. The primary emphasis is placed on the development of the necessary technical skills and expertise required to create jaw-dropping visual effects for movies, television shows, video games, and other forms of media and get hired with stunning packages! 

Course Objectives :

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of Design and Animation, such as timing, weight, anticipation, and squash and stretch.
  2. Becoming familiar with the numerous digital and creative tools used in the animation industry.
  3. Acquiring the ability to look at objects in the actual world and create model sheets for use in animation creation of their various shapes, sizes, and materials.
  4. Knowledge of industry-standard software packages including Adobe Animate and Premiere, as well as iCloud, Realflow, Autodesk ZBrush, Blender, and Maya, at the expert levelEstablishing a solid expertise in 2D and 3D product design and VFX 
  5. Developing storyboards for an animated film, character model sheets, layouts, and final artwork for rendering.
  6. Create a classic animation portfolio to display your abilities by the end of the course.

Curriculum :

As per the deemed-to-be-Universities or State Universities

Delivery Method :

The Bachelor in VFX Animation course is delivered through a combination of lectures, practical workshops, and hands-on projects. Students will have access to industry-standard equipment and facilities, including design studios, access to various paid softwares, etc.. The course is designed to be highly interactive, with plenty of opportunities for feedback and collaboration.

Duration : 

3 Year

Learning Outcome :

  1. Acquire an understanding of the various techniques used in animation, such as 2D and 3D animation, character animation, motion graphics, and visual effects.
  2. Learn how to craft engaging narratives and characters, produce screenplays and storyboards, and effectively use visual language to convey feelings and ideas.
  3. Gaining an advanced level of understanding in software products such as Adobe Animate and Premiere, in addition to iCloud, Realflow, Autodesk ZBrush, Blender, and Maya
  4. Participate actively in teamwork while demonstrating effective collaboration and teamwork skills, such as effective communication, task delegation, and time management.
  5. Develop a professional-level portfolio that showcases their skills and creative abilities to potential employers.

Career Opportunities :

Students completing a diploma in  VFX and 2D animation course will be well-equipped to pursue careers in a variety of areas within the . Advertising Agency, Animation Companies, Film Production Houses, Gaming Industry, Media, News and Magazines Agency. Certain Career options open to students after doing this course, 

  • 3D Animator
  • Character Modeller
  • Comic Book Artist
  • Concept of Designer
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Game Developer
  • Web Series Developer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Industrial Designer

Alternatively, students may choose to start their own animation agency or work as freelancers.

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