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Diploma in Accounting & Tally (DAT)

Course Overview :

 Avish Educom’s Professional in Accounting & Tally (PAT) program will give students a solid grounding in accounting concepts as well as the hands-on experience necessary to manage financial transactions using Tally. This program is meant to provide students with both theoretical and practical accounting knowledge. Students who are interested in pursuing a profession in accounting, finance, or taxation will find this course to be beneficial.

This course delves deeply into a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to Accounting Principles and Concepts, Financial Statements, Financial Transactions, Inventory Management, Tally Fundamentals, Tally Advanced Features, Taxation, Payroll Management, Cost Center Management, and Profit Center Management, amongst others. You will also acquire the business savvy necessary to become skilled in accounting and Tally. The students will gain hands-on experience in using Tally to manage financial transactions, generate financial reports, and analyse financial data as part of this course.

Course Objectives :

  1. Possess a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Accounting principles and practices, as demonstrated by professional experience, on-going professional development, and graduate study in related fields.
  2. Comprehend the concepts and conventions of accounting and the fundamental accounting structure.
  3. Comprehend and prepare the financial statement, and implement accounting principles to make sound financial decisions.
  4. Acquire knowledge of accounting principles and procedures and their application to various business situations.
  5. Assist students in utilizing the well-known accounting software Tally ERP.9
  6. Continuous practice to prepare students with the necessary employability skills for the job market.

Curriculum :

As per the deemed-to-be-Universities or State Universities.

Delivery Method :

The educational program is imparted via a blend of traditional in-person lectures, remote online tutorials, and practical experiential learning exercises utilizing the Tally software. The curriculum has been structured to offer students the opportunity to learn autonomously and at a pace that suits their individual needs.

Duration : 

8 Months

Learning Outcome :

  1. Acquire a solid understanding of accounting principles and ideas.
  2. Utilize the Tally program to manage all of your financial activities.
  3. Utilizing the Tally program, you may produce financial reports and conduct financial analysis.
  4. Utilizing the Tally program, one can manage both inventory and payroll.
  5. Utilizing the Tally software, you can manage both cost centers and profit centers.
  6. Comprehend the fundamentals of taxation and the relevant legislation
  7. Apply their knowledge and expertise to accounting and financial situations that are taken from the real world

Career Opportunities :

Having gained a deeper comprehension of the utilization and rationale behind tally, one may consider pursuing professions such as

  • Admin Executive.
  • Accounts Executive.
  • Audit Executive.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Account Manager.
  • Senior Accountant.

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