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Bachelor in Fashion Design

Course Overview :

Avish Educom’s Bachelor of Fashion Design programme will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a respected fashion designer. Topics such as design theory, trend analysis, fashion marketing, and more are covered in depth in this course. In addition, you’ll get the commercial acumen necessary to steer a profitable fashion business . Plus, with a three year Bachelor degree comes plenty of career opportunities that will help you make your mark on the world of fashion. 

The course offers Industry visits, in-field experience, industry leader workshops, internship opportunities and an extensive resource list for students. In addition to being exposed to traditional Indian fabrics and surface ornamentations and participating in live industry projects with top Indian fashion giants, students will also hone workplace competencies and learn how to plot out a career graph.

Course Objectives :

  1. Gain a solid understanding of the fashion industry by becoming familiar with its history, trends, and the present landscape of the industry.
  2. Learn the abilities necessary to produce good fashion designs, such as sketching, making patterns, garment building, and manipulating textiles. These skills are important to develop successful fashion designs.
  3. Helps the students to prepare for the fast-paced exciting apparel industry. 
  4. Create a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic for yourself and figure out how to successfully use it in your collections.
  5. Mastering the skills necessary to create successful fashion designs, including sketching, pattern-making, garment construction, and textile manipulation.
  6. Gaining experience in areas such as merchandising, product development, customer service, retail operations, and other areas will assist you in developing a successful business model for any fashion-related endeavour you may be considering.

Curriculum :

As per the deemed-to-be-Universities or State Universities.

Delivery Method :

The Fashion Designing Course is taught through a variety of methods, including demonstrations in the classroom, participation in workshops, and individual projects. Students will have access to facilities and equipment that are on par with those found in professional settings, such as design studios, sewing machines, and software for creating patterns. The class is meant to be very interactive, and students will have plenty of chances to give and receive feedback, as well as work together.

Duration : 

1 Year 

Learning Outcome :

Upon completing a Fashion Designing Course, learners can expect to gain a range of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are applicable to various careers in the fashion industry. Some of the learning outcomes of a Fashion Designing Course include:

  1. A comprehension of the history, theory, and fundamentals of the fashion design industry
  2. Creative and technical skills to design products, develop patterns, monitor quality control and assurance and coordinate sourcing activities
  3. Learn how to develop a design concept and how to create a cohesive collection of garments.
  4. Get an understanding of how to build a design concept and how to produce a collection of garments that go together seamlessly.
  5. Present historical and cultural references in innovative visual format for contemporary use in the fashion industry.
  6. Learning to create fashion designs for specific target markets and consumer groups.
  7. Learn extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI techniques) in apparel and textile industry to understand customization of clothing as per consumer needs and more

Career Opportunities :

Graduates of the Fashion Designing Course will be well-equipped to pursue careers in a variety of areas within the fashion industry, including fashion design, textile design, fashion marketing, and brand management. 

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Stylist
  3. Fashion Coordinator:
  4. Fashion Marketer:
  5. Fashion Journalists:
  6. Fashion Consultants:
  7. Design Director
  8. Fashion Director
  9. Style advisor
  10. Fashion buyer
  11. Fashion curator
  12. Design Consultant
  13. Fashion blogger
  14. Couturier
  15. Fashion critic
  16. Fashion Illustrator

Alternatively, students may choose to start their own fashion brands or work as freelance designers.

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Placement Offered

Avish Educom offers comprehensive placement assistance to its students, connecting them with top companies and providing career guidance to embark a successful career.