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Full Stack Development - MEAN

Course Overview :

Full Stack Development Course offered by Avish Educom is the perfect choice for aspirers who are looking for comprehensive and engaging MEAN Stack Training in Durg, Chattisgarh. You will learn the fundamentals of MEAN, MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js from our knowledgeable instructors so that you can easily create robust online apps. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to build reliable web apps from scratch utilising technologies that are widely used in the industry.

The underlying technologies will continue to advance and become more widely used, which bodes well for the MEAN tech stack’s future. The ease with which a database may be integrated into MEAN in comparison to other frameworks and the fact that you receive a fully functional Express are two of its main advantages. 

Any Individual/Students/IT Professionals who wants to pursue and excel their career in Information Technology can opt for this course. Others who have a passion to enhance their knowledge on how the latest web technologies are working and expand their business growth by using MEAN Technologies. So why are you still waiting? Enrol Now! 

Course Objectives :

  1. Enhance your proficiency in CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML by enrolling in the MEAN Stack program.
  2. Acquiring proficiency in the MEAN technologies, including the UI Layer (React JS), API Layer (Express JS and Node JS), and DB Layer (Mongo DB), is essential for achieving industry-standard competence.
  3. Gain comprehension of functional components, state components, child components, lifecycle methods, and routing within the React framework.
  4. Gain proficiency in comprehending and manipulating Node.js execution model, events, streams, APIs, and related concepts.
  5. Teach students both frontend and backend development depending on student choices
  6. Portfolio Projects to showcase your skills to potential employers

Curriculum :

As per the deemed-to-be-Universities or State Universities.

Delivery Method :

Duration : 

1 Year

Learning Outcome :

  1. Master the UI Layer (React JS), API Layer (Express JS and Node JS), and DB Layer (Mongo DB) with Industry-leading MEAN technologies to acquire the necessary skills for top companies.
  2. Become Eligible for MEAN Stack Developer Jobs demanding background and fill the void of thousands of untapped High-Paying Jobs in Industry with Talent Shortage
  3. Gain confidence in dynamic & responsive web designing.
  4. Get practical exposure to the various designs and components.
  5. Work on live projects and do end-to-end management; internship projects to embrace both soft skills like communication, team work, time management and coding skills. 

Career Opportunities :

A Mean stack developer has to develop JavaScript applications using Node.js, React.js, Express, and MongoDB. Companies seeking a Mean stack developer anticipate that he or she can design multiple application layers while working cross-functionally across diverse infrastructures.

For a fresher with no experience, the salary for a Mean Stack Developer is 8.5 Lakhs (70,800 per month).

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Placement Offered

Avish Educom offers comprehensive placement assistance to its students, connecting them with top companies and providing career guidance to embark a successful career.