It is often said that information technology will be the primary force driving the 21st century. It is the focus of global attractiveness in India which is regarded as a center of knowledge.

The information technology industry is India’s transit to the future. To boost productivity and convenience of conducting business, as well as to grow efficiently and economically in today’s global environment, it is essential for any corporation to make use of information technology (IT) services.

Thus, the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing and largest employers in India and around the world. Graduates of information technology schools in India have the opportunity to obtain employment in a range of industries, including both the public and private sectors.

In this blog by Avish Educom, we will explore the IT industry, its scope, and the numerous available courses and career opportunities.

What does the term Information Technology mean and what does it encompass?

IT is the use of computers, storage, networking, and other physical equipment, infrastructure, and methods to create, process, store, secure, and trade all varieties of electronic data.

IT is typically employed in the context of commercial operations, as opposed to personal or entertainment technology. The business utility of the records era consists of each pc era and telecommunications.

The IT department assures the connectivity and functionality of the organization’s systems, networks, data, and applications. The IT staff manages three significant areas:

  • Deploys and supports corporate applications, infrastructure, and services (servers, networks, storage).
  • Performance monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting of applications, services, and infrastructure.
  • Oversees the security and management of infrastructure, applications, and services.

The Best in Information Technology Training

It is essential to always improve your abilities if you are working in the information technology field. This means that you will have more prospects for advancement in your work.

We at Avish Educom have compiled a list of some of the most reputable information technology courses for you to look into.

  • BSC IT

A BSc (Bachelor of Science) in IT, like all other undergraduate Information Technology programs, focuses on storing, processing, safeguarding, and managing information. This degree focuses mostly on topics like software, databases, and networking.

Completion of a program of study in software development, software testing, software engineering, web design, databases, programming, computer networking, and computer systems is required for the BSc in IT.

Graduates with a background in information technology can undertake technological activities involving the processing, storage, and transmission of data between computers, mobile devices, and other electronic equipment.

  • BCA

BCA refers to a bachelor’s degree in computer application. BCA is a 3-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on computer application and software development fundamentals.

A BCA degree is regarded as equivalent to a BTech/BE in Computer Science or Information Technology. The degree assists students in establishing a solid academic foundation for a successful career in Computer Applications.

The BCA curriculum consists of database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, web technology, and languages such as C, C++, HTML, and Java, among others.


PGDCA is the acronym for Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application. The one-year PGDCA program focuses on providing students with advanced theoretical and development knowledge in computer science and IT-related computer applications.

The PGDCA course prices range from 7,000 to 110,000 INR. The PGDCA curriculum begins with the fundamentals of information technology and focuses on programming, Java, data structures, and other disciplines.

  • DCA

DCA, Diploma in Computer Applications, is a one-year diploma program in the field of Computer Applications that entails the study of a variety of computer applications, including MS Office, Internet Applications, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems (DBMS), and HTML, among others.

Basic Computer Skills, MS Office Applications, Internet Basics, E-Business, PC Assembly, and Troubleshooting are among the core elements of the diploma in computer application curriculum.

Career prospects in the field of IT

  • Software Engineering Manager

A software engineering manager supervises and directs the work of other software engineers on projects, including the design and development of software, programs, and applications, in an administrative position reporting to top management.

  • Information Systems Security Manager

A manager of information security is responsible for preventing dangerous hacker assaults, computer viruses, and security flaws on a company’s computers, networks, and data.

  • Database Manager

A database manager is responsible for building and administering the systems used to store and organize data for enterprises. They ensure the security of the stored data by implementing many security processes.

  • Product Manager

The product manager has likely been on a list of the highest-paying IT professionals. A product manager collaborates with the technical team to identify the product’s criteria and then oversees its conception to launch.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An AI architect builds, manages, and maintains control over AI projects inside an enterprise. A designer of AI should have a strong grasp of mathematics and statistics.


Thus, the future belongs to India due to the abundance of work in many parts of the world and the widespread distribution of Indian specialists. The central government has initiated a restructuring of the education industry.

In the forthcoming years, the last year of a degree will be viewed as a research and development year, and the curriculum will be built based on the most recent technical developments, skills, and knowledge.

This will undoubtedly increase the value of our graduates not only as job searchers but also as job producers. Consequently, all events indicate that the IT industry represents India’s future.

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