Frequently, businesses struggle to retain their clientele in every manner imaginable. And increasingly, businesses attempt to shift their attention from account marketing to sales process via customer care.

However, according to many experts, customer service does not drive revenue, although customer improvement may do the trick and this is when account management comes into play at this point. A recent study reveals that 61% of businesses claim that strategic account management programs helped them increase their revenue and client satisfaction.

This blog demonstrates the importance of a good account marketing campaign for all businesses. In addition, retaining the top customers who can provide you with a reliable stream of revenue and profit allows you to plan your business in advance.

However, the process entails numerous tasks, and this blog from Avish Educom will help you learn the essential aspects of Account Management.

What does the term ‘Account Management’ mean?

Account management is the ongoing activity of managing and cultivating essential client connections throughout the lifecycle of an organization. The account manager is responsible for supervising the sales process, ensuring company continuity, and systematically identifying growth prospects.

How could I pursue this profession?

The majority of account manager jobs require a bachelor’s degree, preferably in marketing, business, or finance. However, an MBA may be advantageous for career progression chances.

While certification is not required to enter the sector, you may find it useful to demonstrate your account management skills.

At Avish Educom, we provide our students with the opportunity to obtain certification in fundamental competencies, such as negotiation skills, customer and industry knowledge, leadership training, and other essential managerial abilities.

Top account management courses available

If you intend to work in the domain of account management, it is imperative that you continually enhance your skills.

Avish Educom has developed a list of the most respected account management programs for your consideration.

  • Diploma in Tally Course

Small and medium-sized firms utilize Tally software to capture their daily financial data. The fundamental purpose of this tally is to execute accounting activities in a thorough and organized manner.

The automated accounting system Tally. A tally course can be taken to familiarise oneself with the software’s different elements, its operation, and fundamental principles such as bookkeeping, profit, and loss analysis, stock maintenance, etc. Tally ERP 9 is the most recent version of Tally that is currently in use.

  • Tally Prime Advance Taxation

Those who wish to pursue a profession in Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Reporting should enroll in this course. This course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the software and concepts connected to Accounting, Inventory Management, GST, TDS, Return filing, and Payroll, among others.

This program is utilized by numerous businesses because it is user-friendly and aids in maintaining an error-free and glitch-free accounting history.

  • GST (Goods and Service Tax)

GST, which stands for “Products and Services Tax,” is designed to be a national indirect tax on the production, sale, and consumption of goods and services.

Its primary purpose is to unify all indirect tax levies, excluding customs (excluding SAD), into a single tax, replacing many tax levies, overcoming the limits of the existing indirect tax structure, and improving tax administration efficiency.

This course covers the fundamentals of GST and makes you an expert. Before enrolling in this course, only curiosity is necessary. They must have a fundamental understanding of taxes and an eagerness to learn about taxes.

I’m interested in account management, what kind of jobs am I eligible for?

When you hear the phrase “account manager,” you may think of someone who works in advertising. However, account managers are employed in a variety of industries and businesses, as they are in control of and responsible for their customers’ financial records.

Avish Educom has therefore compiled a list of professional pathways a person can explore in order to pursue a career in account management.

  • Accounts Clerk

An accounting clerk is a member of a company’s accounting department who assists with administrative and clerical responsibilities. In general, an accounting clerk is responsible for fundamental office responsibilities such as reporting, bookkeeping, and research, as well as the resolution of problems relating to any of the jobs performed.

  • Account Officers

Account Officers manage an organization’s financial records. Account Officers are responsible for overseeing accounts, managing invoices, and facilitating transactions with clients.

  • Account Associate

Accounting Associates provide administrative, accounting, and bookkeeping support to accountants and auditors. Typical clerical responsibilities include filing and telephone answering, as well as basic bookkeeping work, payroll processing assistance, and the preparation of financial documentation.

  • Account Executive

A client’s continuing commercial connection is the primary responsibility of an account executive.

Typically, account executives work in advertising, public relations, and financial services. In addition, organizations that provide hardware and software support services appoint account executives to their most valuable clients.


One of the foremost authorities of strategic account management, “True important accounts have a strategic significance for the organization that transcends their size. Make a sharp delineation between large and key accounts.”

Thereby, observing the account management process for an extended period of time may not translate the process adequately in many instances. It is a lengthy and cyclical process that requires time, money, and effort.

Thus, the client that has been with you for years would be a lead that your competitors would seek. Therefore, the likelihood of losing them is great, and it depends entirely on the effectiveness of your client account management plan.

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